Dear friends, with the blessings of our Gurus & kind support of donors, patrons, volunteers & friends, YAGNA is marching ahead strongly in its chosen path. However, lack of financial stability is constantly affecting & slowing down the progress , besides creating crisis situations now and then. With growing children, some of them in college education, meeting monthly expenses is becoming a challenge. In order to build financial stability and sustainability into YAGNA, we are pleased to launch CAMPAIGN ASARA - ASSURED SUPPORT AIMING REGULAR ACHIEVEMENTS.

Under ASARA, we request our kind donors to donate amounts in regular monthly installments of ₹ 500/- per month or above, through an automated electronic clearance system (ECS). YAGNA has opened a new account with HDFC bank to exclusively deal with regular monthly donations.

Under this, if you sign up once for a fixed amount of monthly donation, every month, that amount will be transferred from your account to YAGNA account, automatically. You will receive confirmation message each time. It can be stopped at any time, as per your convenience. You can specify the amount of your choice for monthly donation and the duration for which you want to donate.

So, it is easy and efficient. More importantly, it is a great support to us at YAGNA as we are sure of receiving a predetermined amount every month, that will be used to meet the recurring monthly expenses.

We request all the donors to switch to regular monthly donations, as it will give greater confidence for us to plan ahead and enhance the pace of development. Please also share this message with your friends and family members, and make the CAMPAIGN ASARA successfully reach its goal.

If you are interested, one of our office staff will meet you with the ECS form for your signature and collect a cancelled cheque from you.

For more details, please contact me (+91 94940 53603) or Ramakrishna, Admin Manager, YAGNA (+91 80992 39640).

Thank you. Dr Yujwal Raj, President, YAGNA.